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Recent changes to this wiki:

add dyntftpd
all projects: update git URL
usersync: reliance, not reliability
index: replace UniKA with KIT
really link to the git repo
rename kdmflexiserver to kdm-gdmcompat and link to the git repo
add project page for attachment scrubber
add project page for attachment scrubber
add link to gitweb
document requirements
Testing web commits
correct heading level
add copyright and license statements
Added the license
Generate a dynamic list of projects
Descrive pam-chkpwd
Describe python-weakrefproxy
document requirements
minor spelling fix
works for gdm 2.16.x
initial description of usersync
Minor changes to wording.
initial description of kdmflexiserver
added kdmflexiserver, usersync
initial description of the scanrouter
initial description of fsmi-idle-root-shells
Wiki-link the projects
List projects
Testing edits
initial commit